Council Meetings

Location for Council meeting is 249 Lakeview Ave., in the Saskatchewan Beach Community Hall

November 17, 2018 Agenda

2018 Council Regular Meeting Dates

January 13 Changed Date: February 10 March 17
April 21 May 12 June 16
July 21 August 25 September 15
October 20 November 17 December 8

2019 Council Regular Meeting Dates

January 19 February 23 March 16
April 13 May 11 June 15
July 20 August 17 September 21
October 19 November 16 December 14

Anyone wishing to be a delegate at a Council meeting must submit their request in writing with a clear and brief outline of intent. All requests must be submitted to the Village Office by 9:00 a.m. no later than the Monday prior to the next Council meeting.

Please note: Minutes for the meetings are no longer posted on this website due to privacy issues. They are posted on the bulletin board outside the Village office. If you wish to receive an email copy of the minutes, please contact the office to have your email address added to the regular mailing list.


Council Members

Mayor Harvey McEwen Portfolios: Centennial, Events, Finance, Landfill, Lagoon,
Maintenance, Roads
Deputy Mayor Ann Donovan Portfolios: Centennial, Events, Lagoon, Planning
Councillors Richard Chapman Portfolios: Building Permits, Library, Parks, Roads
Lorna Friess Portfolios: Events, Finance, Landfill, Parks, Planning
Donna Hill Portfolios: Centennial, Events, Parks