Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network

The Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network allows Saskatchewan residents to receive credible, accurate and timely crime prevention information directly from their local RCMP detachment. When a detachment becomes aware of an incident or crime, they can issue an advisory via the system and local residents who have signed up for the program will become aware of what happened within minutes!

HOW: Signing up to be part of the network is free and only takes a few minutes. You choose which RCMP detachment area(s) you want to receive notifications from and how you want to receive them – whether it be via text message, email, phone call or through the mobile app! Visit, or to sign up!

WHO: Only those who have signed up to receive notifications from RCMP detachments in southern Saskatchewan will receive advisories.

WHY: The concept of the program is simple: sign up to receive advisories from your local RCMP and assist us by serving as the eyes and ears of your community. If you witness a crime in progress or have been the victim of a crime – it is imperative that you report it to police. You can call 310-RCMP, your local RCMP Detachment of 911 in an emergency.

This network, along with existing crime prevention programs and strategies, helps to create an environment where all of us contribute to community safety. Crime prevention is the most effective when we all work together.

Again, we encourage everyone to sign up to be a part of the Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network at Visit, or to sign up!

If you have any problems or questions, please call the Southey RCMP Detachment (306) 726-5230 and we will gladly walk you through it.


Sgt. Kim Stewart
NCO i/c Southey RCMP Detachment